Getting Your Data Under Control

July 10, 2012
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Getting Your Data Under Control A Guide to Confident CompactRIO Design
NIDIAdemSoftware NICompactRIO
With an eye on wind energy, this article takes a look at the ever-increasing data trend, how it affects engineering, and what you can do about it.Read article »

 Maximize your investment and shorten your development time with these best practices for using NI CompactRIO hardware.Learn more »

Tech Tips 

Interested in Evaluating NI Software Products? 
NI offers free, 30-day evaluation versions of products such as Multisim, DIAdem, NI VeriStand, and of course LabVIEW. 
See options » 

Know Your I/O 
Interfacing with a device requires knowledge of I/O and bus interfaces for effective data transmission. Check out this reference table to find common specifications for various applications. 

NI Embedded Network Products Overview: From Hardware and Toolkits to Drivers and APIs 
Designing, implementing, and testing embedded network systems in complex machine applications such as automotive and aerospace requires an advanced toolset to ensure error-free network deployment.
Learn more » 

LabVIEW Co-Simulation Within the AWR Design Environment 
This integration opens a broad range of applications including hardware in the loop, correlation between simulation and test, and advanced system design for RF and microwave engineers. 
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Community Highlights
19 LabVIEW Features Coming Soon

Head over to the LabVIEW Idea Exchange to check out the list of features that are currently in beta. 
Learn more »

Top 7 Reasons to Attend NIWeek 2012
Still haven’t registered? We’ve got seven reasons why you don’t want to miss this.Read list »

“CSS” for LabVIEW Changes UI Style Programmatically
When community member Marcus Törndahl wanted to change the style of multiple UIs in one quick, easy way, he thought of CSS for HTML—but for LabVIEW—and started scripting.
Download code »

Start Your Engines: NI Takes to the Formula 1 Track Engineers at Ford use NI products to test fuel cells for electric vehicles and DIAdem was spotted in a Cadillac Super Bowl commercial, so you know NI loves automotive. This could be our fastest news yet.
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What’s New
Vote! Robots, Mechanical Hearts, Tsunamis, and More
It's down to 17 finalists in the Graphical System Design Achievement Awards. We need your help picking one of the winners.
Meet the finalists »

Stay Current on Technology Trends in Test
The Automated Test Outlook webcast is a free virtual event on July 17 that shows a comprehensive view of key technologies and methodologies impacting the test and measurement industry.
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Notre Dame Partnership Advances NI RF/Comm Lead User Program
Notre Dame’s Wireless Institute is accelerating fourth-generation (4G) and beyond 4G technologies, initially focusing on relaying techniques in the context of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced standard.
Learn more »
5 Super Sweet
Laser Apps

 1. LabVIEW Keeps Multibillion Dollar Laser Project Up and Running »

2. Laser Mapping the Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Ash Cloud »

3. ARRR You Ready For Laser-Powered Flight? »

4. LaserMotive Powers UAVs With Laser Beams »

Events and Training
On Central European Time? LabVIEW Week of Webcasts: By Developers, For Developers Happening Now! »
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NI in the Press
National Instruments Eschews Debt in Favor of Safety »
Back to the Future at the TTM Symposium »
Setting Standards »
Visualizing Sound in Texas »
LabVIEW Tool of the Week
LabVIEW Localization Toolkit
The LabVIEW Localization Toolkit by S.E.A. GmbH is an add-on package used to maintain LabVIEW software applications for worldwide distribution in different languages. You can easily switch user interfaces, including elements and menus, to any language on the fly.Download tool »

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